WHAT THE KIDS SAY – or WTKS for short - is a platform for teenagers to have their say on places they have been, things they have done and what they thought of it.

How does it work?

The WHAT THE KIDS SAY app has two basic functions.
1) Rate and review places you have been and things you have done.
2) Use reviews shared by others to discover somewhere new or find a place nearby or where you are going.

Reviews traditionally contain lots of text, but we know kids don’t want to read and prefer visual content, so we have made things much simpler for them. Our reviews feature photos uploaded by users which form the background of a review. Don't worry about typing every detail about your visit, just add a couple of comments about the most important bits and what matters to you!

Each review also features an overall 'rating' using the WTKS rating emojis. Using this rating, WTKS is able to provide an average WTKS rating for every place which has been reviewed, making it easier to decide the best places to visit. Use the search functionality to discover top rated places nearby, take a look at the opening hours or what is on the menu. Check out a summary of each review, or take a closer look to learn every detail of another users’ experience.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use the WTKS app to see what 'the kids' are saying about places they have been and things they have done. You must set up a WTKS profile if you want to submit a review, however. To set up a profile you must be at least 13 (sorry).

The future

Our goal is to build a one-stop platform for people to discover 'WHAT THE KIDS SAY' about anything and everything. We are constantly working to expand the scope of our reviews so young people can express their opinions on other things as well, not just places they have been.