For Parents

With the target market of the WTKS app being teenagers, the safety of our users is of paramount importance to us.

Staying safe online

We want your child to have a safe online experience and for you to be part of it. Discuss online safety, networking and privacy with them. The Australian Government Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides some resources we recommend.

WTKS safety measures

We have implemented a number of safety measures to ensure content on our platform is suitable for everyone. Some of the steps we have taken to prevent exposure to inappropriate material and keep our users safe include:

  • Blocking specified words or phrases (such as swear words) from being posted in reviews or being used in usernames.
  • Manually screening all reviews to ensure the suitability of the content within them.
  • Opening links to websites of WHAT THE KIDS SAY advertising partners within the WTKS app itself, ensuring users cannot navigate to other webpages.
  • Suspending or deleting profiles which breach the WTKS Terms of Use.
  • Publically displaying all user generated content to ensure all material created on the WTKS platform is visible to any user, at any time.
  • Giving users the ability to report a review which does not comply with our Terms of Use. A review can by reported by selecting 'Report' in the review, or by getting in contact with us at with details of the review being reported.

WTKS dictionary

Having trouble keeping up with what the kids are saying these days? The ‘in’ words for teenagers change more frequently than they volunteer to help with the dishes, so we have put compiled a list of some ‘lit’ new words so you know what they are saying.

Awks - awkward
Basic – only interested in mainstream
Cancel – a rejection of a person, place or thing
Cheddar – money
Dope – cool or awesome
Dude – mate
GOAT – greatest of all time
Gucci – good or cool
Hundo P – 100 percent certain
K – OK
Lit – when something’s very good or going extremely well
OMG – an abbreviation of ‘oh my gosh’
Rides – sneakers or shoes
Salty – a bit angry
Savage – a rude person
Sic – something that is cool
Skurt – go away
Snatched – looks good
Squad – a group that hang out together
Straight fire – hot or trendy
TBH – to be honest
Thirsty – trying to get attention
V - very
Yass queen – enthusiastic support for a friend
Yeet – yeet
YOLO – you only live once